Oeyä reltseo aean

(Oeyä reltseo aean = My blue art)
Since I took down LayonYayo.com a while ago and I still don't know if or when I'll resume to work on my comic and put the site back online, I figured the best thing for having a collection of my Na'vi / Avatar fan art would be to put it here. So, here goes. These images are all done by me, so my property, even though the Na'vi and Avatar are and will always be property of Jim Cameron. Please respect that fact. The order of images is more or less random, and finished pictures were mixed with abandoned or yet unfinished works.
And before I forget; there's still my Ball-Jointed Doll project and Speedpaintings on YT of some of my drawings. Nìsung... my more or less complete "portfolio" on my main website.

Full-fledged finished artwork

New Na'vi

Tutanur alu Hahaw


Muntxa Eo Eywa


'ewana sa'nok


Te Tsi'keyrra Päla'ite

Nikroi arusätx

Tsatsamsiyu alu Kxavu

Paluan ahusahaw

Underdone / unfinished stuff and nonesense

From "Puk pxaw 'rrta"

My character on Pangea



Tsam si ko!





Uniltìrantokx oeyä


Avatarization of myself


Pol kame ngat

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