12 January 2018

Palukanit yom smarìl

Oeri fìtrr palukanit yom smarìl.
Ke holahaw nìtam. Stum frahapxì tokxä lewotx (alu re'o sì mehinam sì mesyokx sì mepun sì txal sì  ngäng sì txìm sì pewn) tìsraw si. Zolup. Furia kxukx payti nìtxan nolui, ha ke tsolun syeha sivi nìtam txankrr. Furia lì'fyat oeyktìng lahea numeyur nolui. Slä tsarelìri a woleyn oel ta'lengäo fìtrr flä, hrh...

Zene syivor... sì hivahaw.

Fìpostì ke tsirvun tivam, slä pxiset oeru ke'u.
Fmasyi pamrel sivi lahea postìr fìkintrr.

08 January 2018

Mipa zìsìt lefpom

Sìlpey oe tsnì mipa zìsìtìl tiyevìng pxaya fpomit sì fpomronit sì fpomtokxit frapor ulte liyevu zìsìt askxomä frapofpi.
Mipa zìsìtìri ftxozä soli muntxatanhu oe kelkumì, lu tìfnunga' a tìkin moer a zawprrte' nìtxan.

Ngop pxaya relti oel sì Na'vitsyìpit a tok eltut lefngap:

Mesrram ngian vrrìn nìtxan. Muntxatanìri kea fpomtokx ke lu trram, kea pum ke lu oer fìtrr. Zirvene kivin tìkinti nì'ul, slä zene tìkangkem sivi trray.
Ha tsaylì'ukìng ahol zene tivam fìtrr.

23 December 2017

Project #sanhìtattoo - #2

It's not quite time for #KPLN2018, so I guess it's fine if I continue to report about this in English, for now x) It's easier, hrh.

So, small update on the UV ink tattoo;
since I frequently have to wash and disinfect my hands and forearms thoroughly while working, I'm never really able to take good care of my fresh tattoos and so they dry out pretty bad pretty quickly and that added to the fact that UV tattoo ink on its own is supposed to be worked into the skin very carefully or otherwise it won't really show up nicely for long. So, yep, some dots are already gone- but that won't be a problem because as I said before, I can do touch-ups anytime and while I'll be at it I will be able to change the pattern a bit (increase spacing between dots etc.)...

How I was able to tell since my blacklight bulbs are so weak? Found that old tiny UV flashlight again that I believed lost forever and yep, it showed me how bad the lightbulbs really are. Tbh the UV ink is bright AF, so I'll just need to get a better source of blacklight and I'm good to go.

Since my first test, there was no reaction at all. No itchiness, no unusual redness or blistering or whatsoever, everything healed as perfect as I/my job allowed it to.

So, change of plans: Get a better blacklight and hand-poke (traditionally, without a tattoo gun) the touch-up-dots and new dots slowly and carefully, and it should all be ok. :)

See the difference from the first pictures I shared earlier, especially near my nailbed where the light doesn't hit as directly?

my crappy mobile camera
doesn't do the actual
luminosity justice

16 December 2017

Project #sanhìtattoo - #1 - first test

So, after wanting sanhì (those bioluminescent glowing dots/pores/freckles the Na'vi people have all over their bodies) for a couple of years now, I finally bought UV tattoo ink and some (unfortunately pretty weak) blacklight lightbulbs and gave it a try today for the first time.

Since UV tattoo ink or rather its impact on the body is still pretty unresearched, I know that there are a few possible risks coming with tattooing UV ink into my body, but the wish for a full-body sanhì tattoo is stronger than the fear of risks.
Luckily I'm a tattoo artist and have all the equipment I need at hand, so please don't try this on your own, unless you're a tattoo artist yourself. Tattoos always should be done only by experienced and reputable tattooists. ;) Also, never, under any circumstances, use glow-in-the-dark ink for this (color that glows on its own in the dark without the help of blacklight after being exposed to a "normal" light source), since this type of ink is known to be carcinogenic.

I'm quite experienced by now (been tattooing for 5 years coming February), but I've never worked with UV tattoo ink, so it's also interesting to learn more about it. And I never did mind being my own guinea pig, hrh.

Anyway, possible risks of UV ink tattoos could be, according to the research I've done:
- from irritation through to rashes right up to dermatitis
- full blown allergic reactions limited to the affected skin
- clear UV ink turning from almost invisible to brown over the course of time and huge amounts of sun exposure
- luminescence of the ink could/will fade over the course of time

- Regarding the first two notes/points, any kind of tattoo ink, even those inks that are approved and have no bullshit contained in them, can cause irritation or allergic reactions. That's a risk that comes with absolutely every tattoo you get. UV ink is supposed to cause those kinds of reactions a little more often than normal non-UV ink, tho.
- Regarding the third note, I've never been a sun worshipper, always hated the summer heat and exposing huge amounts of my skin, so my skin is always pretty well protected against sun exposure anyway. The hands, forearms, and face are a different story though, of course. But really, I don't mind if my sanhì will turn brown-ish eventually. Freckles in the shape of sanhì-patterns, so what? ;D Of course, I'd like them to stay invisible though since I want this full-body tattoo to be invisible to the eye in normal daylight, but well, that's a risk I could live with.
- Regarding the fourth note; hey, I can do touch-ups on myself anytime if needed. ^^

So, I got Kuro Sumi Glow Clear, since I don't want the tattoo to be visible in normal light. The ink is not as bright/luminous as I'd like it to be, but that could be due to the weak blacklight and my already existing tattoos, which now lie "underneath" the UV ink in my skin.
As said before, the blacklight bulbs I got were pretty cheap and not very strong, but they were the only ones they had in stock in the store yesterday, so I went with those...
Time and maybe better blacklight will tell how good this ink really is.
And well, I just went for it today, since I had got no appointments and some time for this experiment.

Prepared my station, screwed in the blacklight bulb into our desktop lamp, prepped my skin, drew on some rough guidelines so I could see where the sanhì lines should run along and started tattooing.
The ink's consistency is quite different from what I'm used to, reminds more of condensed milk (or "Stencil Stuff") rather than tattoo ink, but it flowed pretty well anyway. Even though the luminescence wasn't as strong as I hoped it would be, I didn't want to overwork my skin, so once I felt like I packed it as opaque as possible without turning the top of my finger and hand into minced meat, hrh, I just left it at that.
The redness of the skin due to irritation and blood dulled the luminosity quite a bit additionally.

Also, I packed the dots a little too dense/close to each other, lesson learned - the following dots will be farther away from each other and more dispersed, but I don't mind it being so concentrated on my hand(s), since they're currently my most important body part and allow me to be creative, so it has kind of a meaning to it x) (concentrated energy or smth hrh.) So I will do the same pattern on my other hand when it's time and vary the density of dots more on my other not-yet-glowing bodyparts.

the ink + my station

daylight + room light

blacklight + faint daylight

full-body sanhì tattoo concept
(may change it maybe, we'll see)

Well, now that it's done the only thing left to do is take good care of my tattoo and observe. I'm thrilled to see how it looks once it's fully healed - if the ink is really "invisible" in normal light and still as bright as right now (or less bright) in blacklight. And also, how my body copes with this type of ink because that's the crucial point and the reason for this experiment: if my body tolerates the ink, I will indeed do my whole body; if it doesn't, I won't.

Either way: I have "bioluminescence"/sanhì now! :D

14 November 2017

Zìsìt apxevohin

Ftxozä alu fìzìsìtä trr a 'ongokx oe zìsìt apxevohin kam lolu sìltsan. Muntxatanhu oel famrrfen meylanti ulte yom 'awsiteng tsyosyut akalin a 'olem mefol oefpi. Mawkrr fwa yom sì pängkxo, wolìntxu ayrelit mehintrrteri a tolok mefol sponot alu Mahe a mì Seysyelìsì (Seychelles) mawkrra muntxa soli. Loleiu kaym akosman.

tsyosyu akalin

11 November 2017

Payoang alu Bob

Oer leiu mipa payoang a syaw Bob. Lu ean sì hona sì narlor sì yawnea skxawngtsyìp, hrh. Pähem kelkumì oeyä po mevospxì kam ulte ngolop oel pofpi lepaya moti a mì tsun kelku sivi.

Lam fwa 'efu nitram sì am'ake po, taluna ke'uri txopu ke si. Yom nì'aw payä ayhì'angit arusey, syuvet a ke rikx ke (new) ts(iv)eri. Sunu fwa taron, kezemplltxe.

Krro krro txula pol tsrulit *letxatx, slä ke tok kea muntxate tsamot a po tsivun muntxa sivi, taluna tsafnepayoangìl tspang muntxatut sì lahea payoangit. Ha tsun rivey nì'awtu nì'aw.

Po ke lu kanu nìtxan, slä 'ipu. Fralo oe za'u kelkune ulte kaltxì si poru, slele nìprrte' sì nìwin tengkrr nìn oeti. Spaw oel futa tsakem lu kaltxì payoangä. Fu new oeti tspivang, hrh! ... Kehe, tì'efumì oeyä, kaltxì seiyi oeru nì'aw.

Kop, po syeha si fa ya! Ketsukspaw, kefyak? ;)

Eana 'eylantsyìp Eana Unilä. Yawne leiu oer po :)

*letxatx = bubbly, (made) of bubbles

Mo lepay

Payoang alu Bob

Txerula tsrulit

Teraron sì yerom payä ayhì'angit alu Moina

06 November 2017

Mi fkeytok oe :P

Txankrr ke nolew fu ke tsun pamrel sivi fìpìlokur, taluna pxaya 'u lolen ulte 'olìn oe, slä pxiset fìpìlok lom lu oer nìhawng, ha lu oeru tìkin a pamrel si nìmun.

Pxaya numeyu amip zola'u kelutralne awngeyä nìsok a fì'ul 'eykefu oeti nitram. Leiu txantsan fwa lì'fya sì reyfya leNa'vi var 'ivong, fa haryu(nay) sì aynumeyu.

Lì'fyari ke nolume nìwalak oe, ha tswa' pxaya 'ut nìkeftxo ulte mipa aylì'uri ke nume kop. Tsat leykatem ko! New oe nivume nì'ul nìmun fa Memrise ulte fa fwa pamrel si fìtseng nì'ul'ul. Kin tskxekengit oel nìtxan! Siva ko! >_<
(Nìvingkap, srake ayngal omum futa kxawm awngar layu mipa snanumultxa leNa'vi a mì Duolingo?)

Pxiset ultxa apxa alu Avatarmeet leren. Sìlpeiey oe nìngay, fraultxatur tìprrte' sì tì'o' sì fpomtokx liyevu! Lu oer fmokx nìtxan nang x) ('eykefu oeti nitram fula wawneyna taronyu oeyä a tok pa'ot askien fìpìlokä, nìteng tsatsengit terok hrh...)

Kop, trr'awve ahay lu trr 'ongokx oe kam zìsìt apxevohin. Tsari ke new ftxozä sivi oe :/ Slä new kiväteng muntxatanhu oeyä ulte yom pxaya syuvet aftxìlor mì senge a tok sutel a 'em nìNihon. Tsari srefereiey nìprrte' nìtxan, taluna syuve leNihon yawne lu oer :3 Uton sì Kìyuton fu Sukiyaki Tonpuri sì Ampan fu Anko sì Yakiniku sì Ramen sì Matsya sì kop Susyì zawprrte' oene frato :D

Kezemplltxe woleyn oel 'a'awa relit (a kop tsun rivun ayngal mì Instagram oeyä fu mì senge LayonYayoä).

Tse, fìtrrìri fìhìmtxan aylì'uä apamrelsawni tsun tivam. Kame ayngat, ma eylan ulte sìlpey oe tsnì ayngar livu fpom! Hayalovay :)

06 March 2017

Po mi smon ayngar srak

Tse, ma frapo... kea aylì'ut apxay ayngar fìtrr, slä mipa relti:

Husahawa Sewlea
Tsari kop relti arusikx ayngar:

26 February 2017

'awa alo asyen - postì a9ve #KintrräPostìLeNa'vi

Tse, ma frapo, fìpostì lìyu syena pum oeyä a lu hapxì tìkangkemviyä ayll alu Kìntrrä Postì leNa'vi.
Txopu rä'ä si; pamrel sayi postìru alahe zusawkrrmì, slä nì'it ngäzìk livu fte pamrel sivi nìtrrtrr luke tsafnesrung. Sasya tsalsungay (ง'̀-'́)ง
Fratìkangkemvitur oe irayo seiyi. Tsafnetìkangkemviri liveyn ko!

19 February 2017

Räpun nìmun - postì a8ve #KintrräPostìLeNa'vi

Tsolun piak sivi aymoru a lolu tstu txankrr, ulte set fwa pum lu piak oeru lu yawne ulte oel ve'kì.
Fì'ul 'eykefu oeti keftxo, slä tsa'ul 'eykefu oeti nitram. Tsaymo lamu oeyä kelku ulte mi yawne lu oer fwa frrfen pumti, ketsran ftxey pum tìsraw si ftxey srung si oeru.

Tsarmun wiveyn merelit a zawprrte' oene nìtxan. Mefor lu ral sì wawe. Kezemplltxe tengkrr ayzìsìtamo tsan'olul oe, fya'o a weyn slolu hìno nì'ul, ha pum fkan keteng, slä sìltsan lu fwa omum futa tsun wiveyn oel nìfya'o a ftawnemkrrmì. Futa tsun hivena ayut re'oftumfa ne yo ulte syivep narifpi.

Lam nì'it oer fwa räpolun tsaymomì. Täpolatep, aymor piak si sì kaltxì säpi.
Teynga pìmtxan tìsraw si ke tsranten, lu kosman fwa tolätxaw.